Our offers

Our offers are co-developed with our clients and evolve with them to meet the challenges of today but also tomorrow

Acceleration Tactics

Why would you want to accelerate? Nearly three-quarters of executives admit to being dissatisfied with current transformation efforts. The problem […]

Data Driven Business

Are you “Data Driven”? Did you have time to measure the value of your information? Even if the most successful companies lead the way, it is not easy to achieve to concrete results. To adapt yourself to data, to make use of data via visual tools, to explore the potential of algorithms or even to ensure a customized data governance… This is the commitment of our experts to assist you in the industrialization or the launch of a data project.

Digital Workplace

To promote the emergence of a collective intelligence by improving productivity of the main wealth of a company: collaborators. Agile, innovative, focused on entrepreneurial activities: so much requirements for today’s company, which offer to accelerate our Digital Workplace offer. Through an innovative approach, focused on the use and supported by an expertise of the most inspiring solutions, we support you in the implementation of your Digital Workplace project; from the definition of your roadmap until its implementation and tactical adoption of its services.

The Saegus factory

The Saegus Factory official supplier of our consulting teams, it brings our projects to an unparalleled level

  • Design

    At Saegus, we think that launching a project without taking into account user experience and business issues does not make sense anymore. Thoughts concerning ergonomic principles, intuitiveness of an interface, information architecture, usability or even interaction design play a primary role in the conception of new products or innovative services. What we offer to our customers is to see bigger than a simple interface: it is to deploy our full design and consulting expertise to offer you a true comprehension of business needs and co-realization of smooth, intuitive and emotionally strong users’ journey. Our strength: cohesion, skills diversity and multidisciplinary of every design studio consultant. UX/UI designer, Full-stack designer or even Motion designer work together in Agile mode to offer you tomorrow’s new products and services. Our methodology allows us to take action during the whole creation process from the ideation, the conception, the prototyping until the integration of graphic models or the realization of innovative supports for your digital transformation.

  • Tech-Inno

    To the question “how can an idea become an app or a successful product?”, our Tech & Innovation team answered by setting up a methodological and technological framework, at the crossroads of DevOps, Agile and Lean Startup practices. It allows to accelerate the whole production phases of a MVP (Minimum Valuable Product), from the product vision to the run mode. This multidisciplinary team composed by experts in data, full-stack engineers, experienced designers and growth hacking experts is now the providers of a lot of innovative projects, of which it holds the recipe of an accelerated go-to-market. Thanks to our App Factory born in 2016, the framework can rely on ready-to-use infrastructures, architectures and brick shelves patterns. This allow us to accelerate and make more reliable the launch of our projects. This is through this framework that we developed, in our own incubator, the following apps: Foreseeds, Quiz, Communities Analytics and Cross. We use our skills in every project conducted for our clients in order to reach the MVP in 3 months.

Our accelerators

Ingenious solutions to boost your projects while making them grow