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In February, Saegus was invited on BFM Business to talk about corporate innovation. Marc Trilling, our CEO, detailed our convictions : innovation, and more globally transformation, should rely first on empowering employees!

Watch the show here

Learn more about our vision for Intracubation  here

Yesterday, our consultant had fun scrapping twitter with Python to get PSG – Barcelone data. They have a nose for good materials and they also did a Viz this morning.

Based on Tableau Public, this interactive visualization retrace the count of tweets over the evening and the top 5 Retweet.

Have a good VIZ !


For the public launch of its new app Foreseeds, Saegus, in partnership with Odoxa, offers the results of its study about french people assessing Innovation and Intrapreneurship in french companies.

And what if Steve Jobs was one of their employees?  Will he be given the required ressources to make the change happen ?

The study is available here