Why would you want to accelerate?

Nearly three-quarters of executives admit to being dissatisfied with current transformation efforts. The problem is the snail’s pace at which that change is occurring.
More than 70% of executives say their company is less than halfway through business model change efforts despite having been at it for more than two years. (Gartner study : Speed Up Your Digital Business Transformation-2019)


Accelerate is a must. Yet it doesn’t mean rushing.

A few conditions must be met, but aren’t sufficient, to accelerate properly:

  • Include final users and operational teams every step of the way;
  • The progress in short cycles of with a mindset experimentation;
  • Create synergies between stakeholders and foster multidisciplinary teams;
  • Follow-up with a rigorous Agile steering and the adequate tools;


What are the current obstacles for organizations?

Today, organizations face internal or external barriers to change. Based on our analysis, mist of these obstacles can be narrowed down to the following ones:

  • Difficulty to attract talents;
  • Lack of understanding of operational needs;
  • No clear or shared metrics;
  • Reluctance to change;
  • Being closed to coopetition;
  • Siloed expertise among the organization;


Our approach to make your ideas a reality




We’re frameworks builders. Since you’re unique, we help you build your unique framework




As we rely on multidisciplinary teams, our experts master multiple expertise


All of our Acceleration Tactics experts are both consultants and coaches. They will accompany you and your teams, train them on our expertise thanks to our Saegus Institute, our certified training center.

Acceleration Tactics expert also means being:

  • Passionate about digital & intrapreneur at heart;
  • Agile expert (PSMI, Product Owner, SAFe);
  • Design Thinking expert;
  • Tools expert;
  • Saegus Institute trainer;


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