Because we believe a sole idea is nothing…

… Without the capacity to implement it fast !

At Saegus we think that speed of execution has never been that important. It’s important for new products and services, but also for bigger projects and organizational changes.

On the market today, there is plenty of methods and other appoaches with the promise of accelerating companies. With “Acceleration Tactics”, Saegus helps you to avoid the complexities of methods-choosing, learning, implementation and tool selection.

Accelerate, yes… but what ?

Your existing projects :

Delivering your projects on time and maximizing the created value by using agile and design thinking levers.


Your new products and services :

Creating a working environment dedicated to innovation by giving intrapreneurs the means to get their ideas off the ground thanks to our intracubation© framework.


Your company and organisation :

Completing your transformation by defining the best fitting and scalable framework for your teams, while accelerating their time to competency.


In 4 weeks, 3 months, or all year round… How to accelerate for real ?


Saegus developed an iterative approach based on 3 dimensions : Design, Prove and Scale.


You woud like to :

  • Square your project,
  • (or) Validate your product/service vision and build the relevant backlog,
  • (or) Shape your taylor-made organizational framework and allow skill improvement for your team members.

4 weeks are enough for us!



You would like to :

  • Prove the project effectiveness,
  • (or) Demonstrate your product/service value,
  • (or) Ensure the adoption of your new organisation to your target team members.

3 months are enough for us!



Ensure the desirability and sustainability of your products/services, and scale them to the whole organisation. 

Our 3 levers to ensure your projects success…  

Your taylor-made framework

We master proven and innovative approaches (Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking) so we pick up only what is necessary and useful for your context. Really.

Coaching and certification

The Saegus Institute, our training center, allows us to develop teams skills, from coaching to certification. 

Our tools expertise

We designed solutions that are ready to use and fit your expectations, so we can start fast and collaborate effectively. Some of those solutions (Foreseeds, Quaest) have been developped by Saegus, while others come from our partnerships (Atlassian, Jive, Microsoft).


You want to see more ? What about a concrete example of how we apply this apporach ?

Let’s meet ! We’ll be glad to discuss with you about our missions and success stories.

Success stories

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